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Clerk Magistrate's Hearings on Criminal Matters

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Although you may be stopped by a Police Officer and given a what you think is an ordinary speeding ticket or civil citation it is important that you read it very carefully.  Better yet call or bring it to an experienced attorney like me because time is of the essence.

What you are given may actually be a summons to court for a criminal arraignment but you have options, but only if you are familiar with District Court procedure like I am. It is at this point where the steps you must follow are critical and I can help. 

The citation that you were given roadside by the Police Officer is VERY TIME SENSITIVE. You only have 4 DAYS to take the citation to the local district court that has jurisdiction over the alleged incident. The officer that issued you the citation is required to write this information on the bottom right hand corner of the citation. Take the citation that you were given to the Clerk's Office on the address on the citation. They will have you sign the back of the citation indicating that you wish to have a hearing on the matter. You will then be mailed a notice via mail of a date for this hearing.

I have conducted thousands of these hearings during my career as the #PoliceProsecutor for the #AmesburyPoliceDepartment. This process is an imperative one because often it may allow me to resolve your case without ever going before a Judge, thus preserving your criminal record which also may be referred to as CORI. Let my experience with these type of hearings help you. There are a myriad of offenses that can be held at this level, but  typically they are misdemeanors. However, they can be felonies if the Police Departments request a hearing be held on the matter. 

These hearings are currently being held virtually due to COVID-19, but I am still here to help. It may take some time to get a date so be patient. Reach out to me and I am happy to help.

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